The Cosmos Conspires: I’m Behind On, well… Everything

So, I’d really started to fall in rhythm with everything, i.e., reading and blogging and bookstagram and behold! With a whimper and a bang (This Savage Song reference. I’ve been trying to read the duology.) (Also, a T.S. Elliot reference, btw.), the Cosmos conspired and threw at my face this thing called hell school.


I have tests every!! single!! day!! Also, I have to go to school on Saturdays, too. It’s common to have school on two Saturdays in my country but all  four of them is really pushing it. I’m so exhausted. SOMEONE BURN THIS BUILDING DOWN.

So that’s why I’ve been so painfully absent on the blog.

I don’t want my child to feel neglected and therefore, am going to schedule posts from now on. This way you won’t forget me have to do life without me, either.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt from The Broke and The Bookish was too good to pass up and so we have a very belated post on Top Ten Series I’ve Been Meaning To Start But Haven’t. I blame school. I still have ten months left till I graduate… SAVE ME. 

Anyways, moving onward.



#1 A Song of Ice and Fire

I have literally watched the entirety of the Game of Thrones TV series… Twice.

Put down the knife, One Behind The Screen. Watching a movie/series before reading the books is not a crime…. Right?

Well, after watching, like, three episodes of GoT, I eagerly bought the entire series. Which is totally normal, hush. 

And I sill haven’t started it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

No one knows.


#2 The Raven Cycle

So, this series has gotten severe hype and a certain bookblogger has been yelling about recommending it to everyone.

And honestly, the blurb was AWESOME.

So, why have I not started this series yet?

The books have been glaring at me from my shelf with the same question in their eyes.


#3 Six of Crows

It’s a story about thieves and impossible heists???

I honestly have no excuse on this one.


#4 The Trials of Apollo

I do have a reason for not having started The Trials of Apollo series.

I’m giving Uncle Rick the cold shoulder.

We had to endure not one, but two books without chapters narrated by Percy. What even??

The Lost Hero… That I understood. But why were there no Percy-narrated chapters in The Blood of Olympus? Why!?!?

Also, I have a mild Riordan hangover after the Heroes of Olympus pentalogy and am waiting for it to pass.


#5 Three Dark Crowns

I’m so excited for this series and have been flailing over every aspect of this book. So why have I not devoured it yet?

Well, the sequel, One Dark Throne comes out this September (*hyperventilates*) and my mind cannot bear the thought of having to wait in between the books.

So, I’ve been actively avoiding looking Three Dark Crowns in the eye and trying to build a time machine to September.

Also, guess what else comes out in September??? TOWER OF DAWN (!!!) for which we have stunning covers now.

tdc + ACOTAR + roses


#6 Strange the Dreamer

The covers have robbed so many of our hearts.

And so has the book, apparently.

But I didn’t want to wait between the books which, honestly, is such a lame reason.  But I’m very impatient.

BUT I’m so torn with Strange the Dreamer because of all its amazing aspects.

  • The title
  • The cover (no, that’s not shallow)
  • The premise of the story
  • Lazlo Strange, whom everybody is still wildly flailing over
  • Did I mention the TITLE???

So, yes, to read or not to read, that is the question.


#7 The Maze Runner

Don’t slay me, but… I’ve already watched the movie which I think I enjoyed (it was too long ago) and honestly, I have been meaning to read this, but fantasy > dystopian and there are just too many books in the world.

Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just drowning in my tears like, apparently, everyone named Alice does.


#8 Beautiful Creatures

Again, I’ve watched the movie…. Seriously, people need to stop turning books to movies.

But this series has magic and twisted histories and forbidden love. All of which my tween heart flailed over.

Also, Sarah J. Maas gave it four stars.

And this has been on my TBR ever since.


#9 The Neverland Wars

Somebody said Peter Pan retelling and I was there.

But, ahem, I haven’t even read the original Peter Pan yet…. Obviously a mistake on my part. Please don’t kill me.

But I have watched Once Upon A Time and I loved the Peter Pan there and also Disney helped.

Honestly, I have read/watched so much Peter Pan retellings. But I wanted to read the original before diving into this series and so here we are.


#10 Gentleman Bastard

A series with a thief/mercenary who is mildly Robin Hood-ish and that has an infallible blurb?? And I still haven’t devoured it??

Someone slay me.


#11 Chaos Walking

Honestly, at this point I should be cowering in shame, but here we are.

This series has insanely good titles and it’s by Patrick Ness and the premise sounds just twisted enough for my liking.

Someone tell me how to stop time so that I can catch up with my TBR.


#12 Ravenspire

Retellings!! A Rumpelstiltskin (!!) retelling at that.

I need an ice cream break to cope.


#13 Shades of Magic

I have all the love for VE Schwab and no damn time at all and I’m a mess.

Also, expect a Monsters of Verity review by next Sunday. I’m promising you this now so that I can force myself to finish Our Dark Duet ASAP even if it kills me.

ode to paperfury

#14 The Broken Empire

A dark fantasy which actually is dark???

My fingers ache with the pain of typing about all this shame.


#15 The Kingkiller Chronicle

This one actually seems fair because the third book doesn’t even have an expected publication date and it’s been six years???

Do authors have a club where people like George R.R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss celebrate their incessant stalling?

I’m asking because I should probably join. I still haven’t finished the book I’m writing, either.

To those of you who didn’t know, yes, I’m writing a book.


There are more than ten series on the list, you wisely observe. Let me explain why (1) I want to devour all the books of ever but can’t (2) I’ve missed blogging and couldn’t shut up (3) They’re books and we all love them (4) I have no self control.

so, tell me, which series have you been meaning to start but haven’t?? is your TBR about to kill you, too?? can you come destroy my school? pretty please?? I’ll pay you with ice cream.


5 thoughts on “The Cosmos Conspires: I’m Behind On, well… Everything

  1. School is always hell. Especially when you’re a bookworm and rather be reading than anything else. I might not be in school anymore, but I have the same feeling with my job. I just want to go home and curl up on my armchair with a book, haha.

    There are a lot of wonderful books on your belated TTT! Six of Crows is amazing, but I have yet to read the sequel. The Raven Cycle has been lying in my bookcase for a while, but I haven’t started it yet.. Same with the ACOTAR-series actually… Oh boy. I have a whole list of books that are on my shelves but haven’t read yet and sometimes I just want to call in sick for… a month?

    That would be wonderful. A month of reading.
    And let those buildings burn.

    Burn, baby.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, you understand! Also, I’m starting to think that having a humongous TBR is actually the norm for bookworms. At least, that’s what I say to comfort myself.

      Calling in sick and getting an entire month of reading…? Now you’re just giving me ideas.

      And YES, all must burn. *hopes law enforcement is not reading this*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pretty sure that’s just the truth anyways. You can’t say you’re a bookworm and not have a TBR-list. Although some people succeed at not overdoing their TBR, but I will never be one of them!

        Haha, if you ever find a doctor who could arrange that, send him over!

        [They’re too busy with the fires like-minded people already started.]

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s okay, I completely understand! I basically preschedule posts with my life because I won’t be able to survive otherwise ahaha. I hope you manage to find that balance and that it works out for you! Six days of school a week is a bit much DD: Oh, and Game of thrones is GREAT! I loved the Maze Runner when I read it too, but that was a couple of years back. I read the first in the Beautiful Creatures series though, and couldn’t enjoy it 😦 I’ve been meaning to read The Raven Cycle for agesssss


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