Favourite of the Series ft. Me Dissecting Books and Pure Agony

When the question comes to standalone or series, you can see quite a few bookworms writhing in pain at the impossible choice. Or perhaps that’s just me. We’re going to go with the former, okay?

Certain stories are the perfect standalones. Sure, we want more but the mystery and the finality fuel our masochistic hearts (again, could just be me, but have a dose of denial). Certain stories are meant to be spanned along three or even seven books. So, it’s always hard to choose.

You know what’s even harder??

Choosing the best book in a series. And if you’d paid any attention to the text above, One Behind The Screen, you’d know that when I said masochist, I meant me.

Because that’s precisely what I’m going to do.

We’re going to take a walk through some of the series I’ve read and watch me pick a favourite among them. And you might also see me propped down on the dusty road among all the trees speaking Latin, bawling my tired eyes out because whY DID I EVEN DECIDE TO DO THIS!?!?




I’m doing myself a favour and choosing an easy one first. Now, the only reason this is easy is because in the Throne of Glass series, the story gets better and better with each. addition. to the series. I mean, remember when Aelin’s biggest problem was mainting her freedom and winning a competition? And now she’s calling in every debt owed to her and raising an army to rattle the stars and I can’t even anymore. So, yes, my favourite book in the series is Empire of Storms.

Which I still have whiplash over.

We needed TOG 6, like, literally last year.

But still, Tower of Dawn is coming out in September (!!!) so that’s a small measure of comfort I suppose. Even though she’s likely to leave us in splinters…. HAHAHA. #masochist



Ah, the Girl on Fire and the…. Boy With The Bread. And the Gale Hawthorne whom nobody seems to care about. I am an ardent shipper of Gale x Katniss and we all know how that turned out.

But more than that, as the series progressed, Katniss was all Peeta this and Peeta that and I didn’t even like Peeta and this is very awkward. #mybad

Don’t get me wrong, I love THG. It is, to this day, one of my foremost fandoms and I absolutely adore the REBELLIOUS SPIRIT that I naturally gravitated to. I mean, have you seen the tagline of this website??

Buuuut, the Capital and Katniss were a little along the lines of “PEETA peeeeta revolution PEETA PEETA mockingjay PEETA PEETA PEETA” in Catching Fire and Mockingjay and so The Hunger Games remains my favourite in the series.



In my youth, and by that I mean last year, I read a lot of dystopian. And by a lot, I mean two series. Yes, I’m a mess.

Anyway, my favourite in this series is Allegiant. Because Tris died and we had FOUR POV and honestly, I don’t really know.


Dude, I just told you, I’m a mess.



If we decide to talk about book series and not talk about Harry Potter then, all the potterheads and I and the angels who want to invade but are still obsessing over HP and the The Whomping Willow and even the avocado in your house will riot. 

My sentences are getting weirder by the minute, you think to yourself. And I say to you, good sir, you are utterly, absolutely, positively right. There’s no denying.

Back to Harry Potter, this series shaped entire generations. Even those who didn’t read the books at the time of release, myself included, are reading it now and falling in love with it for the first time. Other potterheads are returning home, by page and by screen, and falling in love all over again. This series means so much to all of us that we can’t even explain it.

My favourite in this insufferably gorgeous series is Order of the Phoenix. In which my second favourite character dies…. But the other parts of the book meant so much to me. It spoke out against corrupt authorities and how education has taken such a turn for the first. This book was the turning point in a series which actually reasonably shows a society in which teenagers learn to empower themselves because the adults did not.

Besides, the death brought out a dark side in Harry which I loved and showed that he wasn’t perfect which I also loved.




Of course I’m here to talk about Percy Jackson!

A series cannot have that much Greek myth and sass and a character cannot have that much water magic and sarcasm and depth and attitude and not win my heart.

I need more series with water magic, tbh. Look, I love Aelin of the Wildfire but she’s about the only person with fire magic/aesthetic/whatever that I actually loved. Even with the Girl on Fire, I was sort of meh.

Spiraling back to PERCY JACKSON (<3), the first pentalogy was another series that I thought got better with time and consequently, The Last Olympian is my favourite.



Oh, look! We’re talking about Percy Jackson again and literally no one is surprised.

But you know who didn’t get to talk about Percy Jackson?? Percy Jackson!!

That made absolutely no sense, so I shall benevolently explain.

We had to go literally two (!!) entire (!!) books (!!) without Percy’s narration and I’m still angry about that and waht even, Riordan??

I mean, The Lost Hero, I understand. Percy was predisposed with being, well, the lost hero and so he didn’t get to narrate. But what about The Blood of Olympus!?!?

Anyways, my personal favourite in the pentalogy is The House of Hades because (a) Percy gets a full-blown dark side that was only hinted at before and (b) Nico and (c) Tartarus and everything that went on there and especially Bob and (d) the last lines of the book also (e) the book’s dedication.


I mean, it has poisons and magic and apparently may have inspired ToG (!!)…. This series has so much hype and well, the first book deserved it.

This series, in my humble opinion, is one which started out great and then sort of.. went downhill after that. It got relatively better in the end, but still, to me, the first book was the best. So, the choice lands on Poison Study itself.



You know how you get a rare three days off and you can think of nothing to do except devour an entire trilogy + two novellas??

Yeah, that’s what I did and well, stuff is a little murky when it comes to this series. Also, the Red Queen series derived from a lot of cliche tropes, which I didn’t mind, but again, murky. 

I’m fairly certain that King’s Cage is my favourite, though.




That is literally me trying to pick a favourite among This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet.

Okay, sure, I’m not that pretty, but is anyone???

But you know, what?? Bookworms are strong on the inside and Imma pick a favourite anyway and it’s..



Our Dark Duet. 

*temporarily dies from the sheer will power that making that decision took*



Well, I’ve been RHYSurrected (gotta appreciate the build up toward that pun) and I’ve saved the WORST for last.

Choosing a favourite from the ACOTAR series is my bane, my Everest, my Thanksgiving turkey.

A Court of Thorns and Roses.

A Court of Mist and Fury.

A  Court of Wings and Ruin.


NOPE. Can’t do it. *dissolves into glittering dark dust*



are you capable of picking favourites from among your books?? or are you going to join me in this abyss of despair?? what’s your favourite Harry Potter book, if you dare to choose? let me know in the comments.


It may not have looked like it but, literally me after doing this post:



2 thoughts on “Favourite of the Series ft. Me Dissecting Books and Pure Agony

  1. AHHHH This is such a fun post idea! Fun and…ya know, super torturous. *nods* I sometimes can’t choose favourites?! Like The Raven Cycle is DEATH TO CHOOSE FAVOURITES IN NOOO I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH. And I can’t even pick between This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet. Both hurt me. So rude. *falls in love* But like in the Hunger Games series I love TGH best and same with Allegiant!! BEST. I also like the 4th Game of Thrones book the best!


    1. First off, you’re literally my favourite book blogger and I’m so honoured that you commented on my post. I’m glad that you liked the post idea. And yes, it is pure torture. I may have shed a tear or two while picking between This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet. I would never ask you to choose a favourite among The Raven Cycle, that would be going too far. Yay, we have two favourites in common! Also, now that you’ve commented on this post my curiosity has skyrocketed on what you can do with this topic.


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