Rip It or Ship It // Ft. Yes, I am Alive

So, I have a few announcements to make… *shuffles note cards*

I want to yell a huge THANK YOU to all the people who like/comment/read my blog, because I haven’t posted in forever and I know that this is one of the most inconsistent messes in existence. So, yes, thank you for still sticking around.

I wish I had a sane reason for my absence like I was kidnapped by pirates or was called away to personally resolve conflict in my kingdom, but #no. I have this thing called school. That’s literally it. But I’m in twelfth grade/senior year, so it’s basically exams, exams, exams. BUT I recognize that my blog has been sorely neglected and NEVER AGAIN, One Behind The Screen.

I have hired a gremlin to beat the shit out of me if I fail to post. I shall do my best to post every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Because, #priorities



So, as a community, we bookworms have invaded every form of social media to ever grace this earth. I mean, form Bookstagram (Instagram for Books) to Booktube (YouTube for Books), we reign the fourteen seas.

So, in my recent stalking exploring of the realms of Booktube, I’ve come across several people doing a tag called RIP IT OR SHIP IT. It basically involves picking two randm characters from any bookish world and decided whether you ship them or RIP THEM TO RIBBONS OF CARRION. Haha, I’m just kidding. I’m a very nice person.

(I confess that I don’t know with whom the tag originated and I’m unable to give credit. I am sorry about that.)

I have used a random name picker (yes, that’s a thing, apparently) to choose the names for my potential ships. Come, let us frolick the oceans and comandeer random ships like Captain Jack Sparrow taught us.

This may end tragically. You have been warned.


#1 Peeta Mellark and Harry Potter

Okay, whaaat?? So, the first names I’ve been given by the mysterious forces of a name picker are Peeta from The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

So, Peeta Mellark is known for his compassion and of course, his baking skills. I mean, his baking is so legendary that The Hunger Games was almost one long, depressing bread pun. And Harry did buy the entire cart during his first train ride in the Hogwarts Express…

So, perhaps, in theory, they would be a good ship.


I have issues. Firstly, I don’t really like Peeta (#unpopularopinion) but I adore Harry so, I’m going to have to RIP THIS SHIP.

But for those of you clamouring for a logical reason, I shall provide you with one because I am a benevolent person. I feel like Peeta is the precise opposite of Ginny and Harry x Ginny is the perfect ship and I won’t ship Harry with someone who is not at least a little bit similar to Ginny.

Also, a potential ship name: Hellark?? I like the name but I SHALL SINK THIS SHIP, GOOD SIR.


#2 Margo Roth Spiegelman and Jonah Daniels

Here we have Margo from Paper Towns and Jonah Daniels from When We Collided. 

Ah, two characters with unfinished romances. Margo and Jonah both had to find their own ways, and so did their love interests (Quentin and Vivi) in their respective books.

I feel like if Margo and Jonah had been thrown into the same world, it would have fairly gone the same way as When We Collided. For those of you who haven’t read it (which you should. just saying), I don’t wish to spoil anything, but yeah,  we’re past that.

But still, I shall RIP THIS SHIP. Simply because something doesn’t feel right here, even though I don’t know what it is, exactly.

I know that I know nothing. Doesn’t that count for something??

Potential Ship Name: Monah?? Roniels? I really know nothing, Jon Snow.


#3 Rhysand and Hermione Granger


Rhysand from ACOTAR series and Hermione from Harry Potter series??


Because Feysand is OTP.

And I will not betray my OTP. So I RIP THIS SHIP, too.

Also, Rhysand and Hermione are like 0% compatible, in my humble opinion.



#4 Annabeth Chase and Leo Valdez


I feel like this would be a legitimate crack ship in the Riordan universe simply because all of us, Riordan fans, are crazy. There may even be fanfction for this…


Screenshot (604)

What even is going on anymore??

But just for a second, consider this. And don’t kill me in the process.

If Percy and Calypso had gotten together, this could have been a total possibility. Both Annabeth and Leo like making things. Architecture for Annabeth and Archimedes Spheres and other tech for Leo. Both are great at improvising. They could just be actually compatible.

I’m still an avid shipper of Leo and Calypso and obviously, Percabeth is endgame.

But, I SHIP THIS. In a world where Percy Jackson did not exist. No, stop crying. It was just a headcannon. (yes, I’m talking to myself)

Potential Ship Name: Leobeth. Also, Vase??


#5 Maven Calore and Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius

Woah, an actual fire wielder showed up for Rowan. Coincidence? #IThinkNot

But, let’s all admit it. Maven can be a little – fine, a lot – annoying at times and Rowan I-will-not-take-your-shit Whitethorn will suffocate him in a split second.

The End.

More importantly, Rowaelin is also OTP and no, I’m not splitting my OTP and I will go down with it and it will be the death of me, what with how EoS ended.

So, RIP THIS SHIP I shall.



#6 Jon Snow and Sansa Stark

They’re related, so no??

While the Game of Thrones series has no qualms whatsoever with incest and sibling couples. I really can’t ship them together. Jon Snow deserves better.


But apparently, there’s a running theory that they might end up together? We shall see.

Potential Ship Name: Jonark?? Someone save the internet from me.


#7 Dante Quintana and Angel Aristotle Mendoza

These are the actual names I got, I swear. My boys from Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe are insePARABLE EVEN THROUGH A RANDOM NAME PICKER ASDFGHJKL.

Of course, I SHIP THEM. They are absolute cinnamon rolls and this ship must be protected at all costs.

Potential Ship Name: Dantotle??? I’m horrible at coming up with ship names, I know.  Apparently, this ship is just called Aridante by most but it needs a grander name, tbh.


#8 Soro and Baz

So, we have Soro form Our Dark Duet and Tyrannous Basilton Grimm-Pitch from Carry On.

And weirdly, I SHIP THEM. I feel like they may actually be compatible, especially given their paranormal nature.

Plus, I can totally see them brooding over absolutely everything in this world together.

Potential Ship Name: Saz. That’s the best I could come up with. It’s sort of like “sass” which, honestly, is perfect.


#9 Tris Prior and Remus Lupin

For the thousandth time, what even!?!?

They have no compatibility whatsoever.

I shall RIP THIS SHIP and throw it overboard into the infinite cosmos never to be seen again.

Potential Ship Name: Trimus? Or Rerior?


#10 Percy Jackson and Daenerys Targaryen

Even I have to admit that this one is hilarious.

While I admit that the fire/water thing is interesting, by the time Dany finishes saying all her titles, Percy would have sassed her at least a hundred times and would have left her in the dust.

Also, Percy would have conquered Westeros in three days max, without even meaning to.

Definitely RIP THIS SHIP.

Potential Ship Names: Darcy or Pergaryen.



so, which of these crack ships do you weirdly find appealing?? do you like crossovers? are there any au crossover ships that you would fight for? let me know in the comments.


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